Automatic COD Monitor CODA-500

Automatic COD Monitor

CODA-500: High-Performance Automatic CODMN Monitor Created Through Advanced Technology and Accumulated Expertise


Division: Water Pollution
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.
  • Uses only 1/10 the reagent of the existing systems
    Ower unique dispensing and quantification device enable the CODA-500 to maintain measurement accuracy while using only 1/10 the quantity of reagent required. A reagent delivery service also eliminates the need for time-consuming reagent preparation. This reduces the time and trouble involved in reagent replacement and cuts running costs in half.
  • Touch panel LCD makes operation easier
    The use of a color LCD with a touch panel makes operation intuitive, and lower power consumption reduces environmental load. These and other functions attuned to the times will enable the system to meet future water quality management needs.
  • Cuts power consumption in half
  • Direct heating method requires no cooling water
  • Full range of interface options (RS-232C, RS-485, USB, and MODBUS®)
  • 2 Lines for Different Types of Samples and Applications

    Acid Potassium Permanganate Method (CODA-500-A/CODA-500-C)

    Under acidic conditions, chloride ions are also oxidized by potassium permanganate. To prevent these ions from reacting, a silver nitrate solution must be added to cause the chloride ions to be precipitated as silver chloride. For this reason, the acid method is suitable when the concentration of chloride ions in the sample solution is low (no more than 10 times the full scale of the measurement range).

    Alkaline Potassium Permanganate Method (CODA-500-B)

    When measuring sample water such as seawater that includes many chloride ions, it would be impossible to eliminate the interference effect of the chloride ions with the acid method. For these types of samples, the alkaline method is used. With the alkaline method, the chloride ions are not oxidized by potassium permanganate, so COD can be measured without the interference effect of the chloride ions.

*COD : Chemical Oxygen Demand


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