Vacuum Spectrometer - VHR Series

Vacuum High Resolution monochromators for the 100-1500 nm region

The VHR spectrometers series are the Far UV version of our famous FHR series. Especially designed with an optical cavity which keeps pressure up to 10-5 mbar, the VHR series can extend spectral measurements down to 100 nm and up to MIR (15 µm) with optimal performances. As our FHR, the VHR series offer a unique combination of drive speed, precision and high resolution, completely revolutionizing the large spectrometer market.


Segment: Scientific
Division: Custom Spectroscopy Solutions
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

Optical design

Czerny Turner

Focal length640 mm1000 mm
GratingsUp to 4320 gr/mm availableUp to 4320 gr/mm available
Optic coatingAu, Pt or MgF2 optimized at 121 nm
Spectral RangeFrom 100nm to 15 µm depending on selected grating(s)
Dispersion0.37 nm/mm with 3600 gr/mm0.25 nm/mm with 3600 gr/mm
DriveFast worm drive
VacuumFew 10-5 mbar (HV)
Pumping flangeDN63 LF
Entrance portMicrometric slits (10 µm to 2 mm)
Exit portsMicrometric slits (10 µm to 2 mm) or Adjustable CCD port
Entrance flangeDN40 KF
Exit flangeDN40 KF for slit port
DN63CF for CCD port
PC interfaceUSB2

*with 3600gr/mm grating, slits at 10 µm x 2 mm


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