Vacuum Spectrometer - PGM200

PGM200 Plane grating monographs

Plane Grating Monographs


The Plane Grating Monochromator/Spectrograph (PGM-PGS) series is a unique optical design coupling a toroïdal mirror and an aberration corrected rotating plane grating. Each grating has been especially designed thanks to our Imaging CorrectionPLUS Technology, to have a perfect coupling with its associated toroïdal mirror. Compared to a Rowland-Circle configuration, this solution features two major advantages: firstly it can be used both in multichannel mode (real flat field) and in single channel (with an exit slit); secondly the optical design is straight (entrance and exit arms parallel) and the exit (whether detector or slit) is fixed which makes integration and calibration very easy.

With a large choice of gratings (both master and replica) the PGM/PGS series covers a large VUV range from 4 to 125 nm.


Segment: Scientific
Division: Custom Spectroscopy Solutions
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS
  • The best image on your CCD over 25 mm focal plane
  • Less room needed and easy to align
  • Optimize damage threshold or cost
  • Interchangeable gratings
  • In vacuum focus adjustment
  • Use grazing incidence angles onto the optics and  normal incidence for CCD illumination
  • A few 10-6 mba -  option a few 10-9 mbar

Monograph with 200 mm focal length to cover the 1-100 nm spectral range.

Optical design

Toroidal Mirror and Plane VLS Grating with Imaging CorrectionPLUS Technology

Focal length

200 mm




1800 gr/mm : 1-25 nm (4-16.5 nm in monochromator mode)

800 gr/mm : 2-56 nm (6.5-35 nm in monochromator mode)

450 gr/mm : 3-100 nm (10.5-63 nm in monochromator mode)

Optic coating

Pt or Au

Deviation angle



1800 gr/mm : 0.4 nm/mm at 3.5 nm

800 gr/mm : 0.9 nm/mm at 6.5 nm

450 gr/mm : 1.6 nm/mm at 10.5 nm


Sine arm


10-6 mbar (HV version)

10-8 mbar (UHV version)

Pumping flange


Entrance port

Micrometric slits (10 µm to 2 mm)

Entrance flange


Exit port

Micrometric slits (10 µm to 2 mm) or Adjustable CCD port

Exit flangeDN40 KF for slit version
DN100CF for CCD version
PC interfaceRS232 – USB2
PGM Series Plane Grating Monographs Brochure
Size 1.55 MB


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