Spectrometers - OEM Miniature-Raman Spectrographs

Complete Range of Miniature Raman Systems and Components for OEM

HORIBA Scientific supplies a complete range of miniature Raman systems and components for OEM industrial applications ranging from pharmaceutical and medical ones to forensic and security, semiconductor and other high volume industries.

High volumes of miniaturized Raman spectrometers can be manufactured with great affordability.

We only quote for OEM volumes starting around 50-100/year, and do not design and prototype miniaturized and customized Raman spectrometers, probes and lasers for one off production and single users. 

Pictured on the right: Mini spectrometer + 785nm laser + probe All fiber optic coupled

Segment: Scientific
Division: OEM
Base product

Miniature Raman spectrometers are available with uncooled CCDs (Sony ILX-511B, S9840, S11071 and S10420) and TE cooled low cost CCDs (E2V CCD-30, S7031) and more high end E2V CCDs.

The range covered by our mini spectrometers and compact Raman probes cover 200-400cm-1 up to 1800-3500 cm-1. Our OEM engineering is focused on providing customized systems.

Our OEM laser solutions come with TE cooling and built-in wavelength stabilization, at 532, 660 and 785nm (more on request) and range in power from 50mW to 350mW (or more for challenging detection limits).

For one-off system purchases, please consider our standard Raman systems or customisable modular Raman systems.

For further information and quotation on prototypes and volume please visit our  OEM Miniature Raman webpages.

Amazing size for Miniature Raman spectrometer :
about 64 x 89 x 32mm

  • Raman shift region you need to monitor

  • Laser center wavelength

  • Specify resolution requirements for the system including laser bandwidth

  • Focal length (50 to 200 mm focal length customized), Dispersion...


  • Minimum Raman shift on CCD: 0cm-1, 250 cm-1, 400cm-1...

  • Maximum Raman shift on CCD: 2000cm-1, 2500cm-1, 3000cm-1...


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