Pharmaceutical Total Organic Carbon Monitor- Online TOC-Analyzer HT-110

HT-110 Online TOC-Analyzer

The continuous online TOC-Analyzer HT-110 is suitable for the measurement ot total organic carbons in Purified Water (PW), Water For Injection (WFI) and Highly Purified Water (HPW). The unit is operating according to USP 643. It is applicable for pharmaceutical and/or semiconductor manufacturing. The measuring principle is based on UV-Oxidation and measurement of the difference in conductivity. TOC concentration measurement (TOC concentration 500 ppbC or lower) is necessary to perform quality control according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


Segment: Process And Environment
Division: Process Water
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co. Ltd.


  • UV-Oxidation and conductivity determination: This method eliminates the need for reagents and carrier gases. It delivers an accurate measurement at low concentrations, like for instance in WFI (Water For Injection) areas and reduces the cost of operation at the same time.
  • “Debubbler“ embedded: Bubbles in production systems often cause unstable readings in many instruments. The embedded “Debubbler“ eliminates the influence of air and guarantees a stable measurement.
  • Optional external ON/OFF control of contact input terminals.
  • Maintenance cycle: “ONLY ONCE PER YEAR“: Maintenance only consists of annual UV-lamp exchange and annual calibration.
  • Conforms to: United States Pharmacopeia: USP <643>.
  • Reference solutions for System Suitability Test (SST): 1,4 Benzoquinone and Sucrose
  • Choice of 3 installation methods: Possible to install on a pole, wall or desktop.



Measurement methodContinuous UV-Oxidation and measurement of difference in conductivity
Measuring range0 to 1000 ppb
(Measuring range : 0 to 100 / 500 / 1000 ppb)
Display resolution0 to 100 ppb, 0.1 ppbC
0 to 500 ppb, 0.1 ppbC
0 to 1000 ppb, 1 ppbC
RepeatabilityWithin ±2% of the full scale
Transmission outputNumber of outputs : 1
4 to 20 mA dc / 0 to 1 V dc (option): Input / Output isolated type
Max. load resistance : (4 to 20 mA dc) 600 Ω. Min. load resistance ( 0 to 1 V dc) : 100 kΩ [with option selected].
Analog output range : Freely selectable within the measurement range
Output contents : TOC concentration
Contact outputNumber of outputs : 2

* Alarm contact output (RLY1)
  • Contact type : Relay contact, SPST (1c)
  • Contact rating : AC 125 V 3 A, DC 24 V 3 A (resistance load)
  • Contact function : Upper limit action (ON / OFF control)
  • Output contents : Selectable between TOC concentration, Temperature, Conductivity, Hold, and Error (Operation is reversed when Hold or Error is selected)
* Alarm contact output (RLY2)
  • Contact type : Relay contact, SPST (1a)
  • Contact rating : AC 125 V 3 A, DC 24 V 3 A (resistance load)
  • Contact function : Upper limit action (ON / OFF control)
  • Output contents : TOC concentration
Sample conditionsConductivity : < 10 µS/cm or lower (0 to 100 ppb: < 2 µS/cm or lower)
Temperature : 5 to 99 °C
Pressure : 0.03 MPa to 0.50 MPa
Flow rate : 20 to 200 mL/min
Ambient environmentTemperature : 5 to 40 °C
Humidity : 85% or lower
Display functionsLC with backlight
Display content (TOC concentration, conductivity, temperature, alarm)
StructureProtection : IP43 ;
Paint color 5PB8/1;
Epoxy coating (indoor-use panel installation type)
Power supplyAC 100 to 240 V ±10% 50/60 Hz 80 VA (max.)
Mass13 kg
Conforming standardsCE marking, FCC Part 15, USP <643>
Size 0.71 MB


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