Gratings - Laser Pulse Compression Gratings

HORIBA Scientific, as Jobin Yvon has pioneered the design and development of pulse compression gratings using holographic techniques. By carefully designing the grating groove parameters, gold-coated pulse compression gratings can achieve typically diffraction average efficiencies as high as 94% at 800 nm (TiSa), 910 nm (OPCPA), 1030 nm (Ytterbium), 1 053 nm (Nd glass) or 1.55 µm. In addition, the holographic manufacturing technique can produce very large gratings that demonstrate an excellent uniformity and quality of the diffracted wavefront.

Segment: Scientific
Division: OEM
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Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

In CPA lasers where the highest optical performance and damage thresholds are required, a master gold-coated holographic grating ensures best performances. Master gratings are the technology of choice for large-area gratings, and HORIBA currently supplies a large range of several standard sizes up to meter-size. Standard groove densities include 1200, 1480 and 1740 lines/mm, for operation in the spectral range from 600 nm to 1600 nm. Custom sizes can be considered up to 1500 mm, and alternate groove densities, non-standard wavelength optimization, and/or larger grating sizes will be reviewed upon request.

  • High efficiency: typically from 90% to 94% absolute efficiency on TM polarization,
  • Operation in large spectral domain: from 600 nm to 1600 nm,
  • Ideal for ultrafast lasers: TiSa (800 nm), OPCPA (900 nm), Ytterbium (1030 nm), Nd:glass (1053 nm), ...
  • Groove densities: in standard 1200, 1480 and 1740gr/mm,
  • Dimensions: Up to 1500 mm,
  • Large range of standard and custom sizes for all groove densities,
  • High wavefront quality: up to λ/20 RMS of holographic error,
  • Custom gratings design to match with your pulse compressor.


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